Shared care arrangements aim to facilitate the seamless transfer of care of individual patients between secondary care and general practice. They are used when medicines, often prescribed for potentially serious conditions and complex by their very nature, are initiated in secondary care and then prescribed by GPs. These medicines will often have a relatively high adverse effect profile and may require specific monitoring.

The NHS Lothian Policy and Procedures for the Shared Care of Medicines is available via this link.

Shared care arrangement eligibility criteria

​For the purposes of this policy a medicine is considered to be eligible for a shared care arrangement if it can be initiated in secondary care and then prescribed by a GP in primary care and meets the following criteria:

  • prescribed for a potentially serious condition
  • complex [intended use likely to be outwith the clinical experience of a GP]
  • relatively high adverse effects profile
  • may require specific monitoring and dose titration
  • new, or rarely prescribed