Electronic formularies used by NHS Lothian in INPS Vision practices

​The electronic formularies are based on the Lothian Joint Formulary (LJF) and include the FMY-file and eLJF-CLINICAL.

The FMY-file is the list of drugs from the LJF. The list is selected from the drug directory within Vision (called Gemscript) and saved as an FMY-file. The list is maintained by the Medicines Management Team and installed remotely by the GMS facilitators. The file is updated every six months.



eLJF-CLINICAL is a guideline for the INPS Vision clinical system that enables prescribing based on defined clinical headings. The clinical headings are set out in LJF layout within BNF chapter headings. This allows the clinician to locate a formulary drug in a number of ways depending on their own preference.

It is important to be using the most up to date version of eLJF-CLINICAL. The version is clearly marked on the eLJF-CLINICAL 'home page'.