(k) Medicated bandages

First Choice:
Viscopaste ®
Ichthopaste ®
  • Zinc Paste Bandage BP (Viscopaste®) - 7.5cm x 6m
  • Zinc Paste and Ichthammol Bandage BP (Ichthopaste®) - 7.5cm x 6m
Prescribing Notes
  • Medicated bandages require a 48 hour patch test.

  • Zinc paste bandage is used for leg ulcers and can be left on for up to a week.
  • Zinc paste and ichthammol bandage is used in chronic lichenified skin conditions such as chronic eczema.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when applying medicated bandages to prevent constriction of the blood flow.
  • If a preservative-free brand is required, Zipzoc® is available.