(i) Full compression multi-layer kits

2 layer system:
First Choice:
HERO H-2 ®
Second Choice:
Coban ®2
4 layer system:
First Choice:
Ultra Four ®
  • HERO H-2® (2 layer system) 18-25cm, 25-32cm
  • Coban® (2 layer system) – one size
  • Ultra Four® (4 layer system) - ankle circumference up to 18cm, 18-25cm
Prescribing Notes
  • Multi-layer compression bandaging systems are an alternative to high compression bandages for venous leg ulcers.
  • Compression is obtained by applying one, two or three extensible bandages over a layer of orthopaedic wadding.
  • Doppler ABPI testing is required before treatment with compression.
  • Compression bandages must only be applied by health care professionals experienced in their use.
  • Coban® 2 and Ultra Four ® Layer Sytem are both latex free systems.