Adhesive tapes

Permeable Non-woven
First Choice:
Clinipore ® (primary care)
Finepore ® (secondary care)
Permeable Aperture Non-woven
First Choice:
Primafix ® (primary care)
Softpore ® (secondary care)
Permeable Aperture Woven (synthetic)
First Choice:
Aerofix ® (podiatry)
  • Clinipore® - (length 5m) 1.25cm, 2.5cm, 5cm. (length 10m) 2.5cm
  • Finepore® 2.5cm x 9.1m
  • Primafix® - 5cm x 10m, 10cm x 10m, 15cm x 10m, 20cm x 10m
  • Softpore® - (length 9.1m) 2.5cm, 5cm, 10cm,15cm
  • Aerofix® - 2.5cm x 5cm
Prescribing Notes
  • Soft silicone fixation tape (e.g. Mepitac®) is useful for exceptionally sensitive skin, e.g. neonates.
  • Aerofix® cannot be prescribed but is on the National Procurement Contract for hospitals.
  • Impermeable plastic adhesive tape (e.g. Sleek®) is for use where complete occlusion is preferred, i.e. maggot therapy or chest drains. Cavilon® no sting barrier film can be used to protect skin surrounding chest drains.