13.10.2 Antifungal preparations

(see also Chapter 5)

First Choice:
clotrimazole cream
Second Choice:
terbinafine cream
  • clotrimazole cream 1% (20g, 50g): apply 2–3 times daily.
  • terbinafine cream 1% (15g, 30g): apply 1–2 times daily.
Prescribing Notes
  • Both choices can be purchased over–the–counter.
  • Selenium sulphide shampoo is useful for pityriasis versicolor; it should be applied once to wet skin, then washed off after 15–20 minutes; repeat after 1 month if necessary. Clotrimazole cream may be prescribed for localised infection
  • Terbinafine cream (but not oral terbinafine) is effective for pityriasis versicolor.
  • Miconazole 2% cream (Daktarin®) is recommended for the treatment of breast and nipple thrush in lactating women; apply 4 times a day, or after every feed, for at least 10 days. Continue 7 days after improvement is noted.